CHART OF THE DAY: Surprise! UberTwitter Is The Most Popular Twitter Client

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Remember when we thought Twitter was going to crush all the third party Twitter applications? Hasn’t happened.

The most popular Twitter client going is UberTwitter for BlackBerry, according to a sampling of Twitter’s API done by coder Ed Finkler.

Almost 9% of Tweets sent out each day come from UberTwitter. The next most popular is Tweetdeck at 5%. Twitter for BlackBerry comes in at 4%.

It’s interesting that Twitter’s official app for BlackBerry hasn’t killed the upstart UberTwitter. And it’s also interesting that while Tweetdeck gets the majority of attention from the tech press, it’s not the most popular Twitter client.

BlackBerry Twitter clients are likely the most popular because BlackBerry is the most popular smartphone OS out there.

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