CHART OF THE DAY: Search Ads Aren't As "Helpful" As Google Suggests

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In his piece on the origins of Google advertising, Wired‘s Steven Levy writes that Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s main requirement for all Google search ads is that they “should be useful and welcome—not annoying intrusions.”

Given Google’s (GOOG) massive $20 billion plus annual revenues, one might think this requirement has been well-met.

Not so, say respondents in a survey from AdWeekMedia and Harris Interactive. In fact, 37% of those respondents find the most “helpful” form of advertising is TV advertising, while only 14% credit Internet search ads for their purchases.

Of course, those responses could attest more to the relatively small size of the search advertising business. Even $4 billion seems small compared to the $500 billion spent on offline brand advertising each year.


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