CHART OF THE DAY: This Is Why Facebook Wants To Copy Snapchat

Facebook has already tried one Snapchat-esque application — its Slingshot mobile app, which didn’t turn out so well — and now the company is reportedly experimenting with an option to set an expiration time for one’s Facebook posts, ranging from one hour to seven days. But why does Facebook care so much about being the next Snapchat, anyway?

Here’s why: Based on this chart from Business Insider Intelligence, Snapchat’s disappearing message platform has grown to 100 million monthly active users in just three years. (Mind you, Facebook has about 829 million monthly active users, as of June). This kind of growth in active users hasn’t been seen since, well, Facebook. And now that Facebook’s a public company, it’s constantly looking for ways to attract new users, for the sake of sating its investors and advertisers. Considering Snapchat’s desirable demographic of teenagers and young adults, Facebook will likely continue trying to emulate Snapchat in one way or another until it finds a solution that resonates with young users in a similar fashion.

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