CHART OF THE DAY: The Sites That Influence Women Shoppers

Facebook is nearly as influential as blogs when it comes to influencing women’s clothing purchases.

Netbase partnered with Edison Research and surveyed a sample of 1,005 women across the U.S.

According to the study, 28% (or, 281) of the women surveyed considered themselves “Fashionistas.”

Retailers look to this subset of women as trend-setters who can sway shopping habits.

For casual clothing, 33% of these women said they consulted Facebook before making purchases (nearly on par with the number who consult fashion blogs). 20-four per cent said they consulted Pinterest.

Interestingly, 30% of women consulted Facebook (more than fashion blogs and Pinterest) when it came to professional clothing. We suspect that fashion-conscience women find it difficult to be creative with workplace outfits. Thus, they look to their friends for inspiration.

Fashion blogs did have more influence than Facebook and Pinterest when it came to shopping for special occasions.

Retailers, and particularly specialty retailers, can use this information to inform their marketing efforts on different social platforms.

This post originally appeared on BI Intelligence, a premium subscription service.

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