CHART OF THE DAY: The Ever-Changing Relationship Between Parents, Kids, And Their Multimedia

People of all ages love interacting with multimedia, but the devices we choose for consumption differ depending on age, and where we are in life. Even parents’ preferences change as their kids get older — that’s no more evident than the latest data from Ofcom research, which also included fieldwork from UK research firm Saville Rossiter-Base. The two companies studied how children and parents in the UK interact with media over the years.

According to that data, which was charted for us by BI Intelligence, young children spend a lot of time reading books, magazines and comics; parents of those children spend about one-third of their time watching television, and a lot of time playing video games, chatting with friends, and reading. As children grow older, they start watching a bit more television, and their parents do, too. And by the time children become teenagers, they’re still reading a great deal, but they’re also spending much more time listening to music and talking with friends online via texting and calling, with or without video. Parents of those teens spend much less time watching television and much more time chatting and texting — even more than their teenage kids.

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