CHART OF THE DAY: Apple, Facebook Spending Almost Nothing On Lobbying

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Despite their incredible influence in the world of tech, Apple and Facebook are hardly spending anything on lobbying, according to data compiled by Arik Hesseldahl at All Things D.

As you can see below, Apple spent the least of almost any big tech company on lobbying in Q3 2010, less than half what Microsoft and Google spent.

The reason? While Apple is influential, it doesn’t dominate anything other than mp3 players, so the government has had little reason to mess with it. (Apple rules the tablet world, but that’s an 8 month old market.) Also, Apple doesn’t do big blockbuster acquisitions that the government looks at.

Facebook spent the least of anyone with just $120,000. We expect this will change in the near future as the company’s power is growing quickly, drawing the eye of regulators.

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