CHART OF THE DAY: Suddenly, LinkedIn Is A Traffic Firehose

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Out of nowhere, Business Insider started seeing real referral traffic from LinkedIn last month.The chart below illustrates the spike. 

LinkedIn product manager Liz Walker tells us the traffic is coming from a bunch of sources – mostly new products like, newsletters, and LinkedIn News.

All of these sources are programmed by LinkedIn populated “inShares,” which are kind of like Facebook “likes” or Twitter “re-tweets.”

Who knew?

Google, by the way, is trying to pull of a similar trick with its +1 button.  Larry Page is obsessed with figuring out social. He’s worried about how people are finding content in their Facebook News Feeds and Twitter streams before they ever think to Google search for it. Maybe he should worry about Linkedin, too. Maybe he should just buy LinkedIn.

chart of the day, referrals by linkedin, may 2011

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