CHART OF THE DAY: The Longest Baseball Playoff Droughts

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Earlier this week (before a four-game losing streak), the Pittsburgh Pirates had a winning record. If the Pirates can finish the season with more wins than losses, it would be their first season with a winning record since Barry Bonds last played home games in Pittsburgh (1992).

That was also the last time the Pirates played in the postseason.

Since Bonds left for the left coast, the Pirates have played 18 seasons without even sniffing the playoffs, finishing fifth or sixth in their division 13 times.

Amazingly, that is not the longest postseason drought in baseball. In fact two teams, Montreal/Washington (29 years) and Kansas City (25), have longer stretches without postseason appearances. However, both of those teams have at least posted winning records in the last decade.

And in the case of the Expos/Nationals, they were in first place in 1994 when a strike cut the season short and eliminated the postseason.

Here are all the teams that currently have a streak of at least one season without appearing in the playoffs…

Postseason Drought in MLB

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