CHART OF THE DAY: Android Used By More Developers Than Apple

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Apple’s sizable lead in the world of mobile apps is under attack from Google. Vision Mobile, an analysis and advisory firm, surveyed 401 mobile app developers, and found that developers have more Android experience than Apple iOS.

Visible says Android has passed Apple with developers because Google’s developers kit costs less, and because Google has done a good job marketing its open source model. Further, Android phones are selling well now, so there’s plenty of customers.

The gap between Apple and Android isn’t that great, so Apple should hold its lead in apps for a while to come. And, most developers say they are developing for more than one platform at a time.

Other than Apple and Android, the rest of the mobile platforms are being left behind. Vision Mobile says, “anecdotal developer testimonials suggest that half of Windows Phone MVP developers (valued for their commitment to the platform) carry an iPhone, and would think twice before re-investing in Windows Phone.”

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From a marketing perspective, developers want a mobile OS with a lot of users, and an opportunity to make money. Apple and Android have both of those things.

From a pure platform perspective developer's want a big base of users and the ability to easily code.

Android is the easiest platform to master.

Android is also the easiest to debug if there are problems.

With Apple and Android, the App Store is primary app distribution channel.

App stores are the quickest way to get an app to market, and second fastest way to get paid for it.

The majority of app makers are hitting revenue targets.

If you're a developer, you're relying on fellow developers to figure out any problems you have.

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