CHART OF THE DAY: Pay TV Thrives Despite Hulu Threat

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Which subscription media services are growing faster than the rest? We figured the year-over-year subscriber growth for 10 different media and telecom services, ranging from digital TV to mail-order DVD rental.

Of note, pay TV continued to grow over the past year despite the increasing threat of free video content over the Internet from sites like Hulu.

Digital cable, telco TV (FiOS from Verizon and U-Verse from AT&T), and satellite combined for 4.8 million net new subscribers in the 12-month period ending this June, more than the number of new broadband Internet subscribers. (Meanwhile, Netflix added 2.2 million new subscribers.)

And while Internet phone service Vonage fizzled — losing 120,000 subs — digital phone service from cable continued to thrive, growing by 2.5 million subs.

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