CHART OF THE DAY: Huffington Post Takes Over The World

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The Huffington Post is now five years old.

In another five years, the Huffington Post will likely have blown past the few remaining news sites that are still bigger than it is — the New York Times and CNN, for example — and become the largest independent news site in the world.

Don’t believe it? Let’s go to the numbers.

Two-and-a-half years ago, according to Comscore, the Huffington Post was visited by 1.2 million U.S. uniques a month.  That compared to 11.1 million at the main site of the New York Times, 5.8 million at the Washington Post, 2.8 million at the Wall Street Journal, and 2.6 million at the LA Times.

Now, again according to Comscore, Huffington Post has 12.3 million uniques, way ahead of the main sites for Wapo (green line), the WSJ (purple line), and the LAT, which have stagnated.  The Huffington Post (red line) still lags the New York Times (blue line), but not by much–and not for long.

(Read more about HuffPo’s taking over the media industry HERE >)

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