The Death Of Watching Live TV In One Chart

Less than a decade ago, the vast majority of TV viewers watched their programs live. But thanks to the advent of streaming and on-demand video technologies, people are watching live TV less and less, opting instead to watch those programs when it’s most convenient.

Based on data from Nielsen, Rentrak and Showtime charted for us by Statista, only about one-third of Showtime viewers watch TV shows like “Homeland” when new episodes air for the first time. That’s a drastic change from eight years ago, when nearly 70% of Showtime audiences watched shows like “Dexter” live. Of course, this means viewers are watching those same programs at different hours: Roughly 28% of viewers are watching their programs on-demand, while 23% are watching their missed show within 7 days of the live airing. About 17% of people will watch the show they missed later that same day.

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