CHART OF THE DAY: It's Google's World, We Just Live In It

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Microsoft and Yahoo’s newly forged search deal is about breaking Google’s dominance, which is pretty overwhelming in the U.S. by any measure: queries, clicks or ad revenue. But as hard as it will be to dislodge Google in the U.S., it will be even harder overseas.

Google has a 60% share of search queries in the U.S., but that number is 67% worldwide, according to ComScore. In many top and growing internet countries, including Germany, Canada, Brazil, Turkey and Italy, Google has more than 80% of the search market. Conversely, Microsoft has made few inroads abroad, and has 3% or less share in the U.K., Germany and Korea. Yahoo has one pocket of overseas influence: Japan, where its search share is 43%, close to Google’s.

 Ad Age Digital  DigitalNext  MediaWorks Google’s dominance in Europe will likely be a strong part of its case when Microsoft and Yahoo seek the blessing of competition officials in Brussels for the deal. How are the search wars playing out abroad? Very well for Google, as the above international data from ComScore show. One caveat: The data do not include China, where Baidu is dominant and Google is frequently blocked by government censors.

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