CHART OF THE DAY: Greece's Stock Market Collapse Vs. The Crash Of 1929

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It’s 1929 all over again, but not in the U.S. 

As Greek markets hit levels not seen since the 90s, we thought it appropriate to look at how the Dow performed during the Great Depression.

The results, both suffered huge declines. But the big difference: where as the U.S. began to pick back up five years after its fall, Greece continues to tumble lower.

Below, Athex performance from the 2007 peak compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and its 1929  peak.

(Note: We believe we saw this chart before, but are unsure where that was).

chart of the day, athex composite vs the 1929 crash, may 2012


Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu was first to report on similarities between the Athex Composite and the 1929 crash. Click here to see her segment >

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