CHART OF THE DAY: Tim Cook Used These Charts To Make Fun Of Amazon And Google's Tablet Sales

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At yesterday’s iPhone 5 event, CEO Tim Cook flashed these two charts on screen.

In 2011, Cook says Apple had 62% of the market. He then pointed out that competitors have launched “hundreds of new tablets.”  So what happened to Apple’s market share? Cook said, “It actually went up!” It’s at 68%.

He then flashed another chart (not shown here) with iPad grabbing 91% of time spent on the web amongst tablets. “I don’t know what these other tablets are doing. They must be in warehouses, or on store shelves, or maybe in somebody’s bottom drawer!”

Cook should be careful here. He has to flash iPad charts because if he tried to talk about iPhone marketshare we’d see Android dominates. Apple is leading the tablet market, but it could end up losing out in tablets like it lost in phones.

One thing to note about the charts in this post: Cook doesn’t provide a source for the data, but it appears to be based on Strategy Analytics.

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