CHART OF THE DAY: If not for Airbnb and Uber, funding for on-demand services would be falling

On-demand businesses on a tear.

They are companies that provide traditional services, like laundry or food, on-demand and often delivered. And it seems like there is a new one almost every week.

On the face of it, investment in the sector is robust. CB Insights estimates 93% more funding has been delivered to on-demand startups in the first nine months of 2015 than in all of 2014.

However, this chart shows that this funding is overwhelmingly dominated by just two on-demand companies: Airbnb and Uber.


In fact, funding for the rest of the sector is actually trending down.

Airbnb and Uber have together closed more than $US6 billion in funding this year.

To put this in perspective, their rivals only scored $US530 million in the case of Lyft, and $US80 million for Postmates.