CHART OF THE DAY: If Don Draper Weren't A Fictional Character From 50 Years Ago, He'd Be All Over Hulu

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Hulu’s business mission to stuff its pro-quality web video full of ads is working: The site’s viewers watch significantly more ads per month than other pro-quality web video sites.

In June, Hulu watchers saw 24 ads each, on average, as they watched an average 135 minutes of video on the site, according to comScore.

That’s higher than Hulu’s rival sites, but it’s obviously much lower than the number of commercials people watch monthly on TV. If you figure each hour of TV has 15-16 minutes worth of ads, someone could see as many 30- and 60-second ads in 2 hours of TV-watching as in a whole month of Hulu-watching (assuming they aren’t skipping them with a DVR). And since the average person watches almost 160 hours of TV per month, per Nielsen, well… you get the idea.

Still, at least the ads-per-hour rates are similar. And at least all those ads aren’t scaring Hulu’s viewers away.

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