CHART OF THE DAY: The Rise And Fall Of An Android Phone Maker

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HTC was the first phone maker to find success using Android. It launched the first Android phone, the G1. Then it built the Nexus One, which was the first “Google Phone,” meaning Google still had control over most aspects of the phone. In October of 2011, HTC was the most popular smartphone maker in the U.S., according to Canalys.

And while that sounds good, it might have been the last highlight of HTC’s run with Android. It’s since been displaced by Samsung as the biggest Android smartphone company. Google has worked with Samsung on “Nexus” phones and tablets. And Google bought Motorola to build its own Android smartphones.

This leaves HTC out on its own. As you can see in this chart, HTC’s stock had a nice run with Android, but it’s lost all its Android gains. It’s back to square one. Maybe the rumoured Facebook phone can revive HTC.

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