CHART OF THE DAY: How Samsung's Galaxy Sales Compare To The iPhone

Samsung has reportedly shipped its 20 millionth Galaxy S4 recently. To put that in context, The Verge made this chart

As you can see, Samsung’s S4 sales aren’t anywhere near as strong as the iPhone 5, or even the iPhone 4S. 

But, Samsung is a different sort of company. It sells a lot of phones. Apple only sells one phone, really. It better be able to outpace Samsung. 

The more interesting detail is that the S4 is doing much better than previous Samsung Galaxy phones, and it’s closing in on the iPhone. 

It’s not hard to imagine a time where the the Galaxy is selling just as quickly as the iPhone. 

When you consider how strong a brand Apple has been for years relative to Samsung, this is really impressive.

chart of the day samsung iphone

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