CHART OF THE DAY: How Qantas Is Using Jetstar To Protect Its Market Share

This slide is from a presentation Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce gave today at the Macquarie Australia investor conference in Sydney.

It shows how the Qantas group has protected its 65% market share amid rising competition in the Australian domestic market – the red trend line showing the growth in available seat kilometres (ASKs) as airlines have added more seats and more flights.

With Qantas market share falling as the competition drives customers towards lower-cost options, the Jetstar product has been stepping in to pick up the slack.

Since its inception the number Jetstar’s market share has steadily risen – to 21 per cent this year.

“Qantas and Jestar remain the market leaders in business and leisure with our dual brand strategy,” he said.

“We’ve got the full package of assets – the scale, network, frequency and distribution. All backed up by our Loyalty program which is now better than ever.

“We are resolute in maintaining our profit maximising 65% market share.”

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