CHART OF THE DAY: How Much Money Pandora Really Pays For Songs

Pandora has been under attack from musicians lately. 

Pink Floyd, for instance, blasted Pandora. David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven also claimed that his song got 1 million plays on Pandora and he only got $16.89

Michael Degusta at The Understatement decided to dig a little further into the Pandora hate.

In the chart here, he breaks down how much Pandora is really paying for a song. It’s much more than $17 for every 1 million plays. The money is sliced and diced between songwriters, song performers, record labels, and assorted others. 

Degusta says Pandora is actually paying out $1,372 for a million plays of a song. Once its broken down, Lowery gets just $16.89, because he only owns 40% of the songwriting credit. 

chart of the day pandora payments

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