CHART OF THE DAY: How Australia Is Completely Failing To Reduce Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions

From Westpac’s Carbon Update released over the weekend comes a cracking chart which shows how far Australia, and particularly our electricity sector, has to go to meet our Kyoto Protocol objectives.

Westpac said,

The June 2013 quarterly Inventory figures were released today, with national emissions up overall thanks to significant growth in fugitive emissions (+11.4%), transport (+2.8%) and agriculture (+2.7%). The biggest reductions were in the electricity sector (-6.3%) and waste (-0.3%). The movement in electricity emissions over time is probably best demonstrated by looking at sectoral emissions against the Kyoto Protocol 1990 baseline.

“Fugitive emissions” are essentially leaks from industrial activity, most often associated with oil and gas mining.

Electricity and Fugitive emissions!

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