CHART OF THE DAY: GUNDLACH: This Is The Chart That Says Apple Is Going To Plunge

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We just got back from seeing investing legend Jeff Gundlach speak at the New York Yacht Club.

You can see the full presentation he delivered here.

One of the controversial calls he’s been making: short Apple.

Basically, he acknowledges that the company is awesome, and has moderate valuation, but it’s just so over-owned and overloved and big that it can’t possibly keep growing. He said that he’s hearing drug-addled hair dressers try to get into Apple, which is a sure sign that it’s got to be almost over.

And as for charts, he ran this one, comparing Apple now to when Google was at its peak.

And if it looks familiar, then that’s because Doug Kass has highlighted it as well.

Click here to see Gundlach’s whole presentation >

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