CHART OF THE DAY: Executives Around The Globe Are Finally Optimistic Again

Lehman Brothers. We’re over it. Picture: Getty Images

McKinsey and Co have just released the results of their latest survey of global executives and five years after the collapse of Lehman brothers it seems things might finally be looking up around the global economy.

Global executives are increasingly positive about the direction of the world economy, though in our latest survey on economic conditions, the source of their optimism has shifted away from emerging markets and toward the developed world. For the first time since we posed the question 18 months ago, respondents say they no longer expect developing markets to lead global economic growth over the next decade. Instead, they expect developed markets — and an improving Europe in particular — to advance future growth.

Good news because it’s execs who make the hiring, firing and investment decisions and if they are getting more positive, then the global economy is truly on a better footing.

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