CHART OF THE DAY: Spain's Gigantic Debt Problem

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Everyone knows that Europe is in the middle of a major debt crisis. The most immediate problems include Greece and Spain.  Other countries that have received bailouts include Portugal and Ireland.

While all of those countries are similar in that they are part of the eurozone, their individual debt situations differ substantially.

LPL Financial’s Jeff Kleintop put together this chart that details the basic characteristics of the largest 10 bond issuers in Europe.

Here’s Kleintop’s commentary:

Spain will become the fourth country to receive a European bailout as they request the 100 billion euro offer made by European officials this past weekend to rescue the Spanish banking system. The bailout, if the full 100 billion euro loan is requested, brings the total of the bailouts to Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and now Spain—often collectively referred to in the media by the derogatory acronym “PIGS” — to about 400 billion euros. While Spain is not in the same degree of fiscal distress as the other bailout countries, any contagion to Spain is of concern, since Spain’s outstanding government debt is roughly the size of Greece, Portugal, and Ireland combined.

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