CHART OF THE DAY: How People Share Content On The Web

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Despite the spread of thousands of different sharing buttons on the Web, the most popular way to share content is old fashioned copy and paste, according to a study of 17,000 publishers by ad-tech company 33 Across. In the chart below, you can see that 82% of content sharing is done with copy and paste.

What happens after the content is copied and pasted? Business Insider uses 33 Across’ Tynt technology to track links. 33 Across provided us with a breakdown of where people are sharing our content. As you can see, email is number one, then Facebook, and then Twitter.

Think about that. Despite the rise of Facebook and Twitter, the most popular way to share content, for Business Insider readers anyway, is copy, paste, email.

(To be clear, the 82% number is based on 17,000 publishers. The break out of what happens is specific to Business Insider. But, Business Insider’s ratio of copy and pasting to share buttons is pretty much in line with everyone else, says 33 Across.)

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Photo: Tynt

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