CHART OF THE DAY: The Differences Between 'iPhone People' And 'Android People'

As Business Insider’s Jim Edwards often points out, there’s a difference between “iPhone people” and “Android people.”

A big aspect has to do with the price range of the handsets for those operating systems, but once those customers settle into their devices, it turns out that consumers use iPhones and Android phones rather differently.

Based on comScore data charted for us by Statista, there are more people using Android apps than iPhone apps — which makes sense, since Android is killing iOS in global smartphone market share — but as you can see from the chart, iPhone owners tend to spend more hours on their apps, and they also make more money in general.

But that makes sense: More than 80% of Apple devices are “high-end,” while ~60% of Android devices are considered “low-end,” since they cost less than $US200.

Apple currently sells zero “low-end” devices.

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