CHART OF THE DAY: Boob Tube Still Dwarfs YouTube

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Watching Web video is popular and growing, but people still watch remarkably more video on their TVs than on their computers or mobile phones, according to Nielsen.

And when looking at average time spent watching each, TV viewing actually grew more — per hour, per person, per month — over the last year than Web video. Last quarter, the average U.S. Web video viewer watched 3 hours, 11 minutes per month, up about 1 hour each, year-over-year. But the average U.S. TV viewer watched over 40X more video: 141 hours per month, up about 2 hours year-over-year.

Meanwhile, watching mobile TV is still a niche activity: Just 15 million Americans did it in Q2, according to Nielsen. That’s just about 6% of the U.S. mobile market. And time spent watching declined about 20 minutes per viewer, per month.

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