CHART OF THE DAY: Which Sport Do People Watch Longest Online?

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People are watching regular season live streaming games online for around 48 minutes at a time, judging by the stats provided to us by CBS, NBC and MLBAM.

CBS is broadcasting SEC games on Saturday, the NFL is streaming its Sunday night broadcast, and the MLB streams every game live.

CBS says people watching SEC games stay for 43 minutes on average. The NFL is getting 50 minutes per game on average, up from 35 minutes last year. MLB gets 30 minutes per game.

Pretty decent but all are less than what CBS’s big March Madness streaming does.

(Note: MLBAM streams about 2,400 games a year — including exactly 162 Kansas City Royals games — and not just a few big matchups like NBC, or a championship tournament like CBS, so this isn’t exactly an apples to apples comparison.)

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