CHART OF THE DAY: ASX 200 Board Directors Are Getting Younger

getty/Scott Olson

The average age of ASX 200 directors has started to fall for the first time in more than a decade, according to research released by the Australian Council of Super Investors.

The shift is small — the average age has moved to 62.1 in 2013 from 62.9 in 2012 — but it’s the first fall in at least 13 years.

The fall reflects declines in the average age of both female and male non-executive directors.

Women now account for 20% of all ASX 100 board seats.

The research shows that gender diversity has grown from last year’s record of 18% of board seats. In 2009, women accounted for only 11% of ASX 100 directors.

Among the smaller cap (ASX 101-200), the proportion of board seats held by women rose from 10% in 2012 to 12%.

Female representation among chairpersons however remained little changed, with only five ASX 100 female chairs and four in the ASX 101-200.

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