CHART OF THE DAY: Samsung Could Pass Apple To Become The Most Profitable Smartphone Company

Apple and Samsung combined to take 100% of the smartphone market’s profits in the first quarter of this year, says Canaccord Genuity’s Michael Walkley.

Next quarter, they will probably account for 100% again, but there could be a role reversal. Apple has always led Samsung, but Walkley thinks Samsung could actually beat Apple in profit value share this quarter.

“We believe softer iPhone sales combined with strong Samsung Galaxy S4 sales could result in Samsung surpassing Apple for the top share of handset industry profits,” says Walkley.

For the longest time, Apple’s defenders have said that while it might not have the most market share, it has the most profit share. If Walkley’s prediction comes true, Samsung will have the most profit and market share.

(Bonus: Funny thing about Samsung and Apple having 100% of profits is that this is actually down from the last quarter, when the two combined to grab 103% of the market’s profits. Nokia and Sony managed to do a little better this quarter.)

Chart of the day shows apple, samsung profit value share by quarter, may 2013