CHART OF THE DAY: Apple Just Announced Awful iPad Sales

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Apple just announced that it sold 14 million iPads during its fiscal fourth quarter. 

This is a massive disappointment.

Two reasons:

  • Apple’s iPads business actually shrank q/q. 14 million iPads sold in Q4 is 3 million fewer than the 17 million Apple sold in Q4. 
  • Apple missed analyst expectations. Until Tuesday, analysts were all predicting that Apple sold 17.5 million iPads during the quarter. Then, when Apple announced the iPad mini, it pre-announced some disappointing sales figures and analysts revised their numbers to 15 million. So Apple missed original expectations by 3.5 million, and pessimistic, revised expectations by 1 million.

Here’s a chart showing Apple’s iPad business shrinking q/q:

chart of the day, ipad unit sales, oct 2012

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