CHART OF THE DAY: AOL’s Huge Opportunity

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AOL CEO Tim Armstrong likes to remind people that AOL sites are the fifth most trafficked in the United States. Only Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft sites beat AOL’s 118 million unique visitors in March. Google, in first, had 176 million.

Armstrong also likes to point out how AOL, with a $2 billion market cap, is entirely dwarfed by the other four companies in that group. Yahoo is worth $25 billion, Facebook, $60 billion, and Google $176 billion.

Armstrong says this demonstrates AOL’s huge opportunity. Maybe. Or maybe it demonstrates a hugely blown opportunity. Or both.

But one thing is clear: With the traffic AOL has, if Armstrong can get the monetization engine running, there’s enormous upside.

We left Microsoft off the chart below, because it’s not an online-only business.

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