CHART OF THE DAY: Android's Share Of New Smartphone Purchases Is Twice As Big As The iPhone

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New smartphone buyers are overwhelmingly choosing Android phones in comparison to iPhones and BlackBerrys, new data from Nielsen reveals.

Below you can see Nielsen’s subscriber share numbers. On the left are the total subscriber share numbers. On the right is the subscriber share numbers for the three months ended in August, which is a better predictor of the future of the market.

As you can see, in the three month period 56% of buyers opted for Android, versus just 28% for Apple. Rough for Apple, but if there’s a positive in there, it’s that Apple’s subscriber share is holding steady while Android eats up BlackBerry share and share from “other”.

But, with the iPhone hitting Verizon, we thought Apple would be in better shape in the U.S. Maybe once the iPhone 5 arrives, we’ll see a tilt? Or, maybe Android keeps running away with this thing.

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