CHART: NSW Is In The Middle Of One Of Its Worst Flu Outbreaks In Years

I don’t know what your office has been like this week, but if it has been anything like ours it has been a ghost town. People across Sydney have been out of work sick, and there has been reports of half-empty classrooms in schools because so many students are laid out sick.

Many people are reporting a virus that has symptoms of extreme fatigue, dizzy spells, a persistent cough and nausea. It’s not the flu – but notifications for flu have skyrocketed in recent days.

NSW Health pointed us in the direction of their weekly Communicable Diseases Report.

According to the report, this week there was 1331 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza, up from 902 notifications last week. This was the highest number of cases of influenza strain A in a single week for at least four years.

This incredible results are show on this chart from the report.

The report says strain A, the more common type of flu people suffer, has particularly been prominent in older age-groups “including residents of aged care facilities, will be at higher risk of infection.”

“People are advised to defer visits to friends and relatives in aged care facilities and hospitals if they have cold or flu symptoms.”

We also checked Google Trends, and found that searches for the phrase “cold virus” have hit an all-time high this month in Australia. That’s all-time, since Google started tracking this kind of data.

But if you wanted a quicker way find out if there is flu near you, Sickweather has created an ingenious app that scans social networks for indicators of illness, allowing users to check for illnesses and compare symptoms with people in their area.

As you can see Sydney is sick!

Read more about communicable diseases in NSW here.

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