CHART: Norway Dominated The Winter Olympics

Russia finished on top of the Sochi Olympics medal table with 33 medals, five more than the United States, who finished second with 28. But both of those countries pale in comparison to the dominance of tiny Norway.

Norway finished third in Sochi with 26 medals, which translates to one medal for every 188,300 people that live in the country of slightly less than 5 million people.

For comparison, the United States finished with one medal for every 11 million people and Russia won one medal for every 4.3 million people. Slovenia, with a population just over 2 million, finished second with eight medals, or one for every 257,800 people. Here is the per capita rate for each of the 26 countries that won a medal (total medals won in parentheses).

Data via and is based on 2012 population estimates.

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