One Chart Shows Why The NFL May Eliminate The Extra Point

In 1994 the NFL added the two-point conversion. Now, 20 years later, they may eliminate the one-point extra point all together.

Speaking to the NFL Network, commissioner Roger Goodell called the extra point “almost automatic” (via The chart below shows just how automatic the extra point has become (cont. below).

In the mid-70s, after the NFL moved the goal posts to the back of the endzone, kickers missed approximately one out of every 10 extra points. This year, kickers missed once out of every 250 extra point attempts (99.6% success rate).

In fact, kickers made 89.5% of all field goals under 50 yards this season, nearly identical to the success rate on extra points in 1976 (89.8%).

While several changes have been proposed, Goodell specifically mentioned changing the value of touchdowns to seven points with no kick. Teams could then decide to attempt a run or pass to add one point with the caveat being that the team would lose a point if they failed.

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