SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: This Is Why People Need To Stop Complaining About The Fouls In The NBA Finals

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In the everything-is-a-conspiracy-in-the-NBA world, many Oklahoma City Thunder fans (as well as Miami Heat haters) are complaining today about what is perceived to be biased officiating.

Last night, the Heat went to the free throw line 25 times, while the Thunder took just 16 free throws. And in the first four games of the NBA Finals, the Heat (25.8) are averaging 2.5 more free throws per game than the Thunder (23.3).

But while the Thunder’s free throw attempts are down this series, so are the Heat’s. In fact, the Heat have consistently shot more free throws than the Thunder throughout the playoffs. Here’s a look at the average free throw attempts for each team in each round…


NBA Finals fouls

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