CHART: NBA Tops All Sports Leagues With Highest Average Salary For Players

Manchester City is the highest-paid team in the world as their players have an average annual salary of $US8.1 million. But if we look at all the teams, basketball players in the NBA have the largest average salary of any league in the world.

The average NBA player made $US4.5 million last year, slightly better than the average salary for players in India’s top cricket league, the Indian Premier League.

Here is the average salary in the top 15 sports leagues around the world, based on data collected by (see note below chart for key to abbreviations).

Key to abbreviations: NBA (National Basketball Association, basketball, United States/Canada), IPL (Indian Premier League, cricket, India), MLB (Major League Baseball, baseball, United States/Canada), EPL (English Premier League, soccer, United Kingdom), NHL (National Hockey League, hockey, United States/Canada), Bundesliga (soccer, Germany), Serie A (soccer, Italy), NFL (National Football League, American football, United States), La Liga (soccer, Spain), NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball, baseball, Japan), CSL (Chinese Super League, soccer, China), SPL (Scottish Premier League, soccer, Scotland), AFL (Australian Football League, Australian football, Australia), MLS (Major League Soccer, soccer, United States/Canada), CFL (Canadian Football League, American football, Canada).

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