CHART OF THE DAY: Where Did MLB Teams Focus Their Money This Offseason?

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Major League Baseball teams handed out more than $1.3 billion in contracts this past off-season, led by free agents Carl Crawford ($142 million), Jayson Werth ($126 million) and Cliff Lee ($120 million).

But if we break it down by position, we can see where big league teams focus the greatest amount of money to upgrade their rosters. (data via MLB Trade rumours)

Right fielders lead the way, taking in $153.7 million worth of contracts at an average of $11.0 million per season. This group was led by Werth. Mariano Rivera was the biggest recipient in the next highest paid group. Closers signed for an average of $10 million per season (4 years, $40 million), while Crawford’s group (left fielders) came in third (16 years, $156.4 million).

The least amount of money was spent on centre fielders, receiving just three years and $3.4 million total ($1.1 million per season).

Here is the full breakdown by position:

MLB Free Agents

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