CHART: Migrants Are Better Educated Than Australia’s General Population

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Australia has an ageing population, which presents a big challenge for its politicians who need to ensure there are enough resources to cater to the demands of this demographic shift.

Migration is also a well-canvassed political issue in Australia. It’s important to remember though, that the portion of people who arrive with the help of people smugglers are a fraction of the total number of immigrants, and we need new people moving here to make sure the population doesn’t get too old, and there are enough skilled workers.

From HSBC’s Downunder Digest note:

“Typically, migrants are younger than the Australian population as a whole and therefore provide a boost to the Australia’s workforce and its productive potential.

“Migrants can also bring needed skills to the Australian workforce. Data from 2010 revealed 45% of recent migrants had a bachelor degree or greater, compared to 25% across the entire country in 2013.

“Encouraging continued strong migration remains a policy option to mitigate the impacts of an ageing population.”

This chart illustrates that, in general, immigrants have a higher level of education than the general Australian population:


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