CHART: Middle-Aged Men Are Guiltiest Of Binge Drinking In Australia

Men aged between 50 and 64 are the most likely culprits of binge drinking in Australia, Roy Morgan reports.

The market research firm surveyed 47,071 Australians in the 12 months to September to determine the extent of binge drinking.

“Binge drinking” was defined by researchers as consuming 35 or more alcoholic drinks per week.

Here’s what they found:

Roy Morgan reported that 3.3 per cent of Australians aged 18 and up could be classified as binge drinkers in 2013, unchanged from the previous year’s results.

Men were six times more likely to binge drink than women, and the habit appeared to peak among the middle-aged, with 8 per cent of 50-64 year old men likely to binge drink.

According to Geoffrey Smith, Roy Morgan’s GM of consumer products, the findings indicated that the O’Farrell Government’s late-night lockouts and alcohol sale ban would have “little effect on the majority of binge drinkers, who are aged over 35 and generally less likely to go out clubbing and pubbing till the wee hours”.

Roy Morgan warned that binge drinkers tended to be less healthy than the average adult, citing findings of its wellness study that linked binge drinking to poorer nutrition, smoking, overweightedness and illness.

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