CHART: Malcolm Turnbull is the social media king of the election

Malcolm Turnball and Bill Shorten walk at the RSL National Conference in Melbourne. Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is the undisputed champion of social media mentions during the election campaign so far, according to analysis by monitoring group Meltwater.

When it comes to share of voice on social media, Turnbull last week got a 60% share compared to opposition leader Bill Shorten’s 33%, as this chart shows:

Source: Meltwater.

Looking at the performance of parties on social media, the Liberals have 51% of mentions to the ALP’s 30%.

However, the story is more even with traditional and online news media. Turnbull recorded 44% mentions to Shorten’s 38% in the week ending June 5.

And the ALP did much better in news coverage, grabbing 47% of mentions to the Liberal Party’s 30%.

The latest analysis by Meltwater looked at 48,570 social media mentions and 8980 in the news media.

Meltwater tracks election coverage from major Australian online national, metropolitan and regional publications as well as online only news sites.

It also listens to and analyses conversations across social media platforms in Australia, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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