CHART: Malcolm Turnbull is getting the bulk of election news coverage

Malcolm Turnbull visits a YMCA youth centre in Brisbane. Glenn Hunt/Getty Images

Malcolm Turnbull captured the bulk of mentions in both traditional news reports and social media in the lead up to and immediately after the announcement of the July 2 election.

Analysis by media monitoring group Meltwater from May 3 to May 8 shows a sharp rise in coverage once the election was officially announced on Sunday.

The prime minister wins in the share of voice across social media (almost 80%) and news (more than half), most likely because he was the one deciding the date.

Here’s how the political leaders are tracking on social media in terms of number of mentions:

The latest Meltwater analysis covered 11,313 mentions on social media and 1208 news articles in major Australian titles.

Meltwater says sentiment expressed in the coverage and social media chatter toward the election is predominately negative.

Emerging topics include immigration, in relation to backpackers and refugees, climate change and marriage equality.

On social media, employment emerged as a topic, as this chart shows:

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