CHART: Long-Term Australian Youth Unemployment Has Tripled

Chart by the Brotherhood of St Lawrence.

To join the ranks of Australia’s long-term unemployed you need to be 52 or more weeks without a job.

And it is those aged 15–24 age who are carrying the burden. The number of young people who are long-term unemployed has more than tripled since 2008.

By February 2014, more than 18% of the jobless young people in Australia were consigned to long-term unemployment.

The unemployment rate nationally for the young is 12.5% – more than double the overall rate of unemployment.

The Brotherhood of St Lawrence says the longer a person stays out of the labour market, the less likely they are to find a job.

“The consequences of youth unemployment go beyond the immediate hardship experienced while unemployed,” the charity group says in its report, On The Treadmill: Young And Long-Term Unemployed in Australia.
“In fact, being unemployed as a young person increases the risk of unemployment later in life and has a deleterious impact on long-term welfare.”