CHART: Life expectancy for Australians compared to the rest of the world

Girls born in Japan can expect to live the longest. Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Women in Japan can expect to live the longest.

Those born in 2015 will have an average lifespan of 86.8 years, according to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO).

There have been dramatic gains across the world since 2000 with life expectancy increasing by five years to 2015, the fastest rise since the 1960s.

But it very much depends on where in the world you are born.

The global average life expectancy for children born in 2015 was 71.4 years (73.8 years for females and 69.1 years for males)

And newborns in 29 high-income countries have an average life expectancy of 80 years or more.

But those born in 22 other countries, all of them in sub-Saharan Africa, have life expectancy of less than 60 years.

Switzerland enjoys the longest average survival for men at 81.3 years.

Those in Sierra Leone have the world’s lowest life expectancy for both sexes — 50.8 years for women and 49.3 for men.

In Australia, the average is 82.8 years, behind Singapore, Switzerland and Japan, but ahead of the US at 79.3 years and New Zealand at 81.6 years.

Women in Australia can expect a lifespan of 84.8 years (seventh in the world) and men 80.9 (the third best).

The top 10 countries for average life expectancy for those born in 2015:

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