iOS Takes The Lion Share Of Mobile Ad Impressions

Apple’s iOS platform hosts the majority of mobile ad impressions. According to Velti, iOS grabbed 62 per cent of mobile ad impressions, up from 57 per cent a month prior and 50 per cent in the whole of 2011.

Although it is tempting to extrapolate what this means for the mobile platform wars, it doesn’t matter much. As we discuss in our upcoming mobile ad report, advertisers want to reach a specific audience with a specific goal in mind, not just Apple or Android fanboys. Among industry executives we talked to, there was no clear consensus that ad dollars were breaking hard in either direction.

Additionally, Apple still dominates the tablet market. Tablets are, generally speaking, a more promising advertising platform than smartphones, which may skew the dominance of iOS in mobile ad share impressions a bit.

mobile ad impressions by platform

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