CHART: How people use the media in Asia - Australians love radio most of all

Photo: China Photos/Getty Images

Indonesians watch TV, in China they’re on the internet while Australians and New Zealanders are listening to the radio, an analysis of the media habits across Asia reveals.

The chart below, prepared by Roy Morgan Research from data collected in 2014, shows that if you’re a newspaper fan, then you probably live in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand or South Korea. The average Australian spends 2.3 hours weekly reading papers, nearly half Taiwan’s 4 hours.

Indonesians watch the most television – 29.5 hours a week – which is around 80% of the country’s total 36.8 hours of weekly media consumption, followed by India (17 of 22.7 total hours) and Vietnam (19.6 of 28.6). Kiwis are the biggest media consumers at 50.8 hours, just head of Taiwan, with Australia in the bronze medal position at 46.4 hours.

And China’s low TV consumption – less than 9 hours a week, may help explain why Rupert Murdoch sold his stake in the Star TV venture last year.

Indians are the internet users at just 1.7 hours weekly. Kiwis love their radio at 16.4 hrs, followed by Aussies at 12.8 hrs. Vietnam is the lowest, listening to just 46 minutes of radio weekly.

Here’s Roy Morgan Research’s breakdown:

Source: Roy Morgan Research

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