CHART: Here's what consumers think of Australia's digital platforms

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Most successful business now incorporate a digital offering into their business model in order to stay relevant with the increasingly tech-driven consumer.

But it’s not simply good enough to just create a website or app and hope for the best. Australians place a high value on the experience provided by these platforms, and will remain loyal customers if the experience is positive.

In the 2016 Australian Digital Experience Report by SAP, it was found that of those consumers who were delighted with their digital experience, 76% said they would remain loyal
to that brand.

On the other hand, of those unsatisfied with their digital experience, only 16% said they would continue using the service.

The report looks at what Australians value most from a digital platform, and how these priorities have changed year on year.

Here it is:

Chart: SAP/ supplied.

This result is according to 3,500 consumers who rated nearly 9,000 digital interactions with brands across seven industries.

Each consumer assessed brands based on a set of digital-experience attributes ranging from functional to emotional.

Overall, Australia is getting better at digital. Where last year only 22% of consumers were delighted with the digital experience, this year the figure is 26%. Where 47% were unsatisfied last year, 40% are this year.

These a small improvements but shows we still have a ways to go, with Australia’s overall digital-experience score in 2016 listed as -14%, up from last year’s score of -25%.

“In today’s one-click economy, consumers demand more every day – better convenience, greater control and instant satisfaction,” reads the report. “If a brand can’t deliver it, the consumer will find another that can.”

“The digital experience is a lot more than a website or an app.

“As the findings indicate, organisations that perform best are those who unite their people and processes on a single system to deliver on their customers’ relentlessly increasing demands.”

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