CHART: How Much Obama And Romney Pay To Obtain Your Email Address, By State

Mobile ad sign-up firm Pontiflex has revealed its average cost-per- lead, by state, detailing how much the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns are willing to pay for the email addresses of potential voters in various states.

Like regular online advertising, Pontiflex charges campaigns when an individual clicks on one of its advertisements, and then agrees to provide their name, zip code and email address.

The results are surprising.

Connecticut ($4.05), Montana ($3.84), and Oklahoma ($3.70) have the highest average cost-per-lead in the nation. Prominent swing states Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are all between $1.31-$1.33 per CPL.

Pontiflex is offering targeted buys of swing states that bring the average cost to $1 or less per CPL.

Pontiflex said both the Obama and Romney campaigns have increased spending on mobile advertising for the 2012 election. Click to enlarge:

Photo: Pontiflex

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